3 Small Ways Spotify Can Improve Their Product Dramatically

I love my music. I would be lost without it. I currently have headphones in listening to some Mumford and Sons while punching my keyboard. This morning I listened to Dave Matthews Band during my run. On my way to class today, I listened The Killers new album. Point is, I don’t know what I would do without music.

I think a good portion of Gen Z feels the same way. We love our music.

For the most part Gen Z is mostly on Spotify or Apple Music. I would say the split is 70% Spotify, 30% Apple Music (based on a survey of 25 gen z’ers). With 70% of Gen Z on their platform you wouldn’t think there is much else they could do to improve, but Spotify was only on the first wave of innovation. Robinhood made the stock market zero commission, Netflix made tv streaming a reality, and Spotify made music streaming a reality. These were all huge waves of innovation, but now they are behind us and companies like Spotify need to keep innovating.

Here are three way’s I believe Spotify can innovate and improve their product.

  1. Social. As much as music is personal for my generation, it is also very social. Spotify should incorporate a few social features with their product. First, is a direct message feature. When a new song comes out from a popular artist, we want to share it with our friends. Having a direct message feature on Spotify will make sharing seamless and provide a platform for friend groups to talk about music. Second, it should be easy to find your friend’s profiles. My cousin has a really good oldies playlist, but every time I want to play it I have to search his entire name. I want to be able to see who I follow and find their profile quickly.

Just a few ideas from how I’ve seen their product. I’m going to listen to some Quinn XCII now.



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